Student Hardship Fund


The Student Hardship Fund has been established to provide financial support to Emory University students who are experiencing a financial hardship due to a catastrophic event.

The fund is comprised of charitable donations voluntarily provided by Emory University affiliated entities, students, organizations, or persons who want to assist Emory students facing unexpected financial challenges. Because the fund is comprised of donations, there is no guarantee that there will be funds available at a given time.

If you would like to donate or know someone who would like to donate, please click here to contribute to the Student Hardship Fund.

This fund is not associated with the financial aid application process. Financial aid applicants who have special circumstances that relate directly to the financial aid process should contact their financial aid advisor.

General Provisions

To be eligible to receive an award from the fund, an individual must be a full-time student of Emory University. The applicant must not have any disciplinary actions that resulted from violating Emory Standards of Conduct or Academic policy within the past twelve (12) months. If a student is being investigated for potential violations of the Conduct or Academic policy, the application will be placed “on hold” pending the final decision. If cleared, the student is eligible to participate.

The need for funding must be due to a catastrophic event.

A catastrophic event is defined as extreme misfortune of the student for reasons beyond his or her control that prevents the student from meeting basic living expenses. Examples of such events include but are not limited to (1) death in the family; (2) unusual uninsured medical expenses; (3) uninsured losses caused by fire, crime, flood, or other disasters; (4) insupportable indebtedness occurring for reasons beyond the individual’s control.

The maximum award amount is $500 per catastrophic event, subject to the availability of the funds and the extent of need.

If the fund has less than a $5,000, the award shall not exceed 10% of the available fund balance at the time of the award.

A student may receive a maximum number of one award per academic school year.

Applications solely to support purchasing books will be denied.

As an applicant, you have the right to submit your request anonymously. If you would like to exercise this option, please indicate this on your application. If your request is time sensitive, please indicate this on the application also.

For details on how to apply for this fund, please refer to the Student Hardship Fund Application